How do people define precision? Is it different from accuracy? 1:40 min

Before I can explain the 2017 Conditions from BIPM for redefining the kilogram, it's important for the audience to understand the goals of the Conditions. Two important goals are future-proofing with increased precision and keeping consistency with previous standards (accuracy). (I also think it's important for the film viewer to understand that such Conditions exist at all. Many people I talk to have no idea how such standards and definitions get decided in international science policy. I didn't either, before I started this project.)

But to understand these specific Conditions, we should agree on the meanings of "precision" and "accuracy," or at least understand what each other mean by those words.

This short clip shows a few people telling us their definitions for these words. I was surprised by the varied answers.

"If you would converse with me, you must first define your terms." -Voltaire